I’ve never liked that GWOT phrase. After all, how can you wage a war on Terror? Terror is fear, and fear is not a person, group or country that can be defeated with the tools of modern warfare.

The Global War On Terror (GWOT) has been a fatally flawed narrative, in my opinion.

Fear Can Be a Good Thing If You Let It

How do you overcome fear? In my experience you confront it straight on at the source and with an open mind. After a SEAL teammate died in a skydiving accident when I was a “new guy”, I became fearful of learning to skydive. It lasted briefly, I knew I had to jump and this foregone fear is one of the reasons I still skydive today. I enjoy it quite a bit; meeting fear head on is one of the greatest experiences in life.

We Are Not At War with Fear, We Are Fighting A Radical Philosophy

Al Qaeda has always represented a radical philosophical interpretation of Islam. To say Al Qaeda is dead is a fool’s story. Bin Laden’s message lives on.