The Ford versus Chevy and Coke versus Pepsi rivalries have nothing on the Glock 19 versus Sig P320. Within the firearms and tactical community, this debate is intense. This is the battle of two of the best guns in the modern, semi-auto polymer pistol category.

Some of the most heated debates I have ever witnessed or been a part of involve enthusiasts trying to convince someone of why their pick for the best gun is the right answer. It can get quite amusing to watch. The debate between the Glock 19 versus the Sig P320 is one of the most common debates I see. It’s even a debate in my own house.

As a civilian firearms instructor, I get asked all the time “what is the best pistol, and what should I buy?” Let me set the record straight right now and lay some ground rules. If anyone proclaims that their pick is the best, and the one and only “best,” feel free to tune them out from that point forward. In this community, if anyone ever proclaims their way is “the only way,” duck and run for cover. Low crawl out of there just as fast as you can. Or pop smoke and vacate your current location with extreme haste. Just some friendly, professional advice.

The US Army Pistol Contract Competition

Several years ago, when the U.S. Army announced that it was finally opening up the competition to award a new sidearm replacement for the aging Beretta M92, the stage for the epic battle was set. Fast-forwarding to the two finalists and big contenders: Glock and Sig were the clear options. By all accounts, it was a close competition and probably not an easy choice for the Army (except for the cost).