As a media director, film maker, professional photographer and adventurer, this is how I power my life and job from the road:

Pop up dance party on the bus? Recharging my laptop? Backing up valuable video content on my 10TB Drobo? Apparently that’s not a problem anymore. Goal Zero’s Yeti 1250 seems to handle it all just fine. 

Goal Zero | Powered Adventure for any Road

Installing the two 90 watt panels on the roof of my bus was a breeze. The brackets GZ provided were sturdy and weather proof. Connecting the panels together and into the 100 amp hour battery bank inside? Also not a problem. There is a simple 2 picture “how to” included, its pretty much idiot proof and I was able to connect the dots in a few minutes. The plug only fits in one place, so I even had that going for me.