The price of gold was up on Friday, marking a four-week run-up of the precious metal. According to a report from Market Watch, many investors are looking for a relatively stable asset to shield them from a decline in stock markets around the globe.

“Safe-haven gold is again acting as a hedge and safe-haven asset, exactly when investors need one,” said GoldCore’s director of research, Mark O’Byrne, while speaking to Market Watch.

By Friday, spot gold was selling for $1,234.29 per ounce, and gold futures were trading at $1,236.5 per ounce, according to a report from CNBC.

“We continue to see money flows out of riskier equity markets into safe-haven asset classes,” said High Ridge Futures’ metals trading director, David Merger, while speaking to Reuters. “That is one of the main drivers of this (gold) market.”