Who is GovX?  This was one of the biggest questions we still get via our comms check portal. A lot of folks thought GovX was for active military only.  Not true.  If you are in the military (active, reserve, veteran, or dependent) or a government employee (federal, state, local) you are eligible for a GovX membership.
I don’t normally write editorials for our sponsors but I feel compelled in this case. I’ve personally met the founders and management at GovX and they’re incredible people with a great offer. I personally joined as a member and am looking forward to doing most my xmas shopping for my kids on GovX.
Please help support this great company as they are supporters of SOFREP and I personally appreciate this a great deal. If you’re active mil, reserve, government employee, first responder, or former of any then sign up now!
Brandon, Editor-in-Chief