Recent unconfirmed footage reportedly shows Taliban fighters executing Afghan Special Forces troops that had surrendered.

The video that was submitted to Funkers 530 shows several members of the Afghan SF Ktah Khas (KKA) being waved into a quad shortly after surrendering. As they reach the end of the compound, excited shouting from the Taliban erupts and the Afghan troops are cut down with automatic weapons fire. 

Funkers 530 reiterated that the submitted video from an anonymous source is unconfirmed, so its veracity or even timeframe can’t be completely verified. 

Taliban Propaganda Goes Out of the Window

If the video is indeed true and recent, it puts an end to the Taliban’s propaganda of allowing Afghan government troops to surrender using “a safe option.”

According to it, Taliban fighters establish direct contact with Afghan forces. They then pledge that if they surrendered they will be unharmed and even given allowances to return to their homelands. 

The video can be seen here. Warning: the scenes are graphic and are not suitable for all viewers. 

The Taliban have been using social media to spread their propaganda. They have recently broadcast instances of Afghan National Army foot soldiers and militias being welcomed by Taliban leaders. They are hugged as they turn in their weapons and equipment and in turn assure that they will not fight against the Taliban in the future.

Taliban leader “welcoming” ANA troops surrendering in a propaganda video. (Daily Mail photo)

The Taliban hope that by offering an enticement to the Afghan troops the large casualty rates they have been suffering in their offensive against the Afghan government will be reduced.