73 years since World War II officially ended, two European countries are still seeking satisfaction from the German government over damages caused by the Nazi regime. According to a report from DW, both Greece and Poland are officially asking that Germany pay reparations to the two states for invading their countries during the war.

Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, and Greece in 1941. According to DW, officials from Athens place the total number of Greeks who died during the Nazi occupation at 300,000. In Poland, Nazi units set up concentration camps to purge the country of anyone deemed an enemy of Hitler.

The human suffering endured by civilians under Nazi occupation is almost immeasurable. However, Hitler also damaged the economies of both countries as well. The Bank of Greece was forced by the Nazi occupation forces to pay Germany a loan — for the “cost of occupation” — worth about $11.5 billion today.  This loan, Greece claims, has never been repaid.

“We consider Greece’s demands over the occupation loan and war reparations legally active and judicially claimable,” said Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos while he was meeting with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Athens this week, according to a report from Reuters.