As promised I wanted to update you guys during my trip.

I was connecting through O’Hare to Warsaw on my way to do some Red Circle (Czerwony krąg)  and briefly saw the Boston news. Tragic that this happened, and my thoughts are with the victims in Boston. I feel connected to Boston through my best friend Glen Doherty who many of you know died in Benghazi, Libya.

I was greeted by a couple of the GROM guys at the airport (I didn’t know they were GROM), and of course DRAGO had them pull me aside, and tell me, “Sir, we have a big problem…”, and then they started cracking up.

Straight out of the exit door and we were greeted by one of the top national news media organizations who were covering DRAGO and I arriving in Poland. Then quick trip to the hotel with a couple hours down time, a quick gym sessions, and then prepped by my PR rep from ZNAK publishers. After that it was off to dinner with DRAGO, his dad, and the GROM (names intentionally left out) guys. One of the guys had just returned from Afghanistan and had just had some shrapnel removed from his face. No complaints from him but you could tell he was glad to be back with the boys (one of the GROM was shot and killed in a huge firefight).

I can’t tell you what I ate at dinner only that it has some Polish sausage, and some kind of spread as a starter. It was damn good, and went down even better with a local Pilsner.

After a few beers it was back to the hotel and up at 5am for some press regarding the Polish version of Red Circle, “Czerwony krąg”. I guess the book is selling well and already a best seller on their version of Amazon, EMPIC.

Brandon Webb Polish TVN
My interview with Poland’s largest morning show. Great people…FYI, my nice shoes blew out, literally came unglued. Doom on you Clarks, hence the boots.
With my Polish Interpreter.
Red Circle Poland
Pretty cool to see the Polish version. I signed this copy for a fan at the state run TV station, apparently a big black powder guy.


Anyway, more coming soon, out to see some more of Warsaw tonight, and then off to start filming our series with the GROM tomorrow.

Brandon out.