The following footage is from my brief time spent in Ukraine on the front lines of a war with Russia and what many would consider a foreign invasion of a NATO allied country. While there I was part of a small reconnaissance platoon that was tasked with short-range recon patrols into enemy-held territory. Our primary objective was to collect information and compile that into intelligence packages that we could present to the area of operation commander. This served the purpose of giving the commander options in regard to military action and defense of the AO.

To accomplish this we would employ low visibility tactics paired with high power cameras and optics to observe and report enemy movement. The war in the east is a complex situation that is constantly seeing changes in terrain and tactics. Some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world is at the disposal of both sides; drones, thermals and night vision are common place. This combined with an unlimited amount of ordnance leads me to the conclusion that this conflict isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.