On Tuesday, February 9, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescued three Cubans — two men and a woman — that had been stranded on a deserted Bahamian island for 33 days.

According to Military Times, on Monday, February 8, a Coast Guard helicopter was flying a routine mission off of the Florida Keys. When it flew over the deserted Anguilla Cay, it noticed a group desperately flying flags in order to be seen by the helicopter crew. Anguilla Cay is a Bahamian island located between Key West and Cuba.

Coast Guard helicopter pilot, Mike Allert, told WPLG, “We were alerted to them by the flags that they actually had in addition to a large cross that they put out there for themselves.”

Allert swung the helicopter back around to investigate. Without supplies and a way to communicate, another Coast Guard helicopter was dispatched to the group to drop them supplies and a radio.