President Biden’s actions since taking office have included a raft of Executive Orders that seemed aimed mostly at trying to erase anything former President Trump did while in office. From scrapping the former president’s immigration policies, which dramatically reduced illegal border crossings, to re-instituting the individual mandate that imposes fines on Americans for not having healthcare insurance, Biden’s agenda, when it comes to his predecessor, could be summed up as “Like it never happened.”

President Biden has also called for a study to determine whether the detention facility at Guantanamo (GITMO) should be closed.

This is a throwback to a study that President Obama had also called for before going back on a solemnly made campaign promise that GITMO would be closed. President Biden will undoubtedly have to break his promise to close the facility after going through the motions.

One of Biden’s first Executive Actions as president was to stop work on the Keystone XL pipeline.