China’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.  The Chinese government will chastise America for prosecuting Chinese spies as being fundamentally racist while they openly promote racism and xenophobia inside their own borders.  Perhaps most egregiously, China claims that the natural resources in the arctic belong to the peoples of all the world, however the South China Sea belongs exclusively to China despite there being little legal basis for this claim.  Now the Hague has shot down China’s imperial ambitions leading to a world class whine-a-thon from the Chinese government.

For years, the Chinese government has been expanding into the South China Sea not only with aggressive military maneuvers but by actually capturing atolls, reefs, and small islands which they claim as sovereign Chinese territory.  From there they begin building military bases, expanding the size of the islands, erecting radar stations, and more.

The reasons behind this are two fold, first is to give China strategic depth.  From their point of view the South China Sea is their back yard and the last thing they want is foreign powers cruising right up along their shores.  China’s goal is strategic dominance of the region and to set up the South China Sea as a private sector for their own economic exploitation.  To this end, they also wish to secure the South China Sea to ensure that China’s growing energy needs are secured for the next 100 years.  If these waters were to become disputed, fought over, or a naval blockage established, it would severely degrade if not cripple China.

The Filipino government has been freaked out by China’s territorial expansion.  Using ancient sea charts from hundreds of years ago, China has claimed that Spratly Islands are theirs and have occupied the islands with military forces.  The Phillippines took their grievances to the international courts at the Hague.