Fifty-nine-year-old founder and CEO of Haliburton International Foods Charles Ian Charles Schenkel was arrested and charged with six felony counts of prostitution with minors ranging in age from 14 to 17 years old. Subsequent to his arrest was the arrest of 22-year-old Amanda Emilia Perez of Huntington Beach, CA for her role in facilitating the crimes.

According to New Santa Anna Schenkel is charged with:

“One felony count of sexual penetration with a foreign object with a victim under the age of 16, one felony count of oral copulation of a person under the age of 16, one felony count of a lewd act on a child 14 or 15 years old, one felony count of unlawful sex with a minor at least three years younger than the defendant, one felony count of sexual penetration with a foreign object of a victim under the age of 18, and two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution of a minor.”

Schenkel was first investigated in October of 2019 when the father of one of Schenkel’s underage victims reported suspicious activity involving his daughter. He was arrested on September 29th and released on a $100,000 bond. If convicted on all six counts, he stands to serves as much as eight years in state prison and another 728 days in county jail. Schenkel will be 69 years old when he gets out of confinement if convicted on all six criminal counts.

In addition to Schenkel’s most recent legal woes, he also has an open case for DUI from November 2019 and an open case for hit-and-run while driving with a suspended license in January of 2020. Needless to say, Ian Charles Schenkel is in a world of trouble.

Amanda Perez faces a stiffer penalty of a total of 14 years and eight months in state prison. The reason for the harsher penalty, in comparison to Schenkel’s, is due to the nature and severity of the crime: Whereas Schenkel is viewed as a John — a customer of (underage) prostitution — Perez is the trafficker of the victims of prostitution. She faces six felony counts all related to trafficking, pimping, and pandering involving a minor. Perez kept a cut of the money that Schenkel paid for sex. It is unclear who made the first contact with whom in the relationship between Schenkel and Perez, or how long their association lasted.

Law Enforcement routinely runs sting operations that closely mirror the conduct and relationship that Ian Schenkel had with Amanda Perez.