It occurred to me then and continues to creep its way into my mind. It is the equality that the Military imparts to all new recruits. As it was explained by my military recruit toward the end of my teenage kingdom:

“One of the things the Military does to see to unity and equality among the ranks is to (quite simply) shave a man’s hair all the way down to the skin. That way, the coolest guy in your senior class is lost in a sea of men who all look alike — not particularly cool at all.”

Many males can’t live without the prestige of being the best-looking, coolest-car-driving, slickest-hair-having stud in class. Other men crave that lifestyle because it levels the sociological playing field and kind of gives them one more shot at being the captain of the school sports teams, dating the prom queen, and being the first to qualify for a credit card.

Americans, though, by nature, are a competitive species of people, always looking for the next best thing to advance themselves and stand out in a crowd of peers.