Editor’s note: We’re republishing this article, which was originally published in March, as part of our continuous commitment to help Don Bradley and his family during their ordeal. Originally planned for Monday, June 22, their trial has been postponed until August because of the persistent danger of the Coronavirus.

Decorated veteran Don Bradley was shot in a road rage incident. Misidentified by police, he now faces assault charges while battling for his life. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department’s mishandling of the case has left the Bradley family seeking justice and financial support.

Decorated Veteran: Don Bradley

Headshot” Don.

That’s a callsign you won’t come by every day. To earn it, one has to be shot in the head and survive to tell the tale.

Meet Don Bradley.

Don has served this country for over three decades at the tip of the spear. He is a plank owner of the reactivated 3rd Special Forces Group, in which he served as an Engineer (18C) and Intelligence (18F) Sergeant in the 1990s. He then moved on to the CIA, where he served in the Global Response Staff (GRS). Don has over 20 combat deployments and many more hair-raising stories.

Once in Afghanistan, while working for the Agency, his car was rammed by a Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED). Don, with characteristic self-composure, directed the VIP passengers out of the flaming vehicle while scanning for threats.