Former journalist and cable tv host, Dylan Ratigan is fighting terrorism in a whole new way. With over a decade in journalism, he said that his position allowed him to meet and interview people like Brandon Webb, Chris Kyle, and other military veterans. When he asked each of them what was the best way to fight terrorism and increase global security and stability, they all came to a similar conclusion—sustainable resource procurement and management. By making the basic necessities—food, water, power, communications, education, and a sense of self-worth—available to a population, you can reduce a certain percentage of the recruitment base for terrorist organizations.

When he left his career as a journalist, Dylan become a sustainable systems entrepreneur. Fortunately, the technical ability and the labor force existed to make his vision a reality. His company, Helical Holdings, has developed outposts that consist of an hydroponics greenhouse as well as a power station. Like he says in the video below, you get a deployable system that can provide kilowatts, calories, gallons, gigabytes, jobs, and education.

Another great thing about Helical Holdings: Dylan hires combat veterans because, according to him, they have already self-selected to serve a mission higher than themselves and are great problem solvers. Helical Holdings gives combat veterans who have transitioned out of the military the ability to once again serve a mission bigger than themselves.

Check out the video below, in which Dylan explains his vision and the drive behind this unique and innovative way to combat terrorism, increase global stability, and employ highly valuable combat veterans.