A civilian Eurocopter AS350 helicopter carrying six people went down in the East River in New York City on Sunday night. Only the pilot survived.

The helicopter belonged to Liberty Helicopters, a company based in New York City that specializes in aerial tours and contracting for photography. According to a press statement, the five passengers that died on Sunday night were a part of a privately chartered flight for a photography project.

According to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration, the crash took place just after 7 p.m. local time. The pilot, 33-year-old Richard Vance, called out over the radio that the helicopter was experiencing engine failure just before it went down into the river. Although the pilot appeared to manage the landing fairly well, the helicopter soon toppled over and capsized, leaving the pilot and five passengers secured to their seats and submerged under water.

The pilot was able to cut himself free from his seat-restraints and make it to the surface to be rescued. None of the passengers, however, were so lucky.