A bit of a lighthearted note before we get started here. Doesn’t the Russian recruiting blow-up guy look slightly like Stan’s dad on South Park? Sometimes we find humor in the strangest places.

A Shadow Mobilization

Amid a sea of refuseniks saying “nyet!” when being told to return to combat in Ukraine, almost 30,000 combat casualties, and the majority of Russian millennials wanting nothing to do with military service, President Vladimir Putin has a big problem on his hands. Not many military-aged Russian folks are keen on participating in his “special military operation.” Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Kremlin has resorted to putting smiling, fingerless blow-up dolls outside of mobile recruiting stations as a way of trying to lure in recruits.

As this video from The Telegraph clearly illustrates, some Russians are out to destroy their recruitment centers using violent means. Video courtesy of YouTube and The Telegraph.