The Urgent Call to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

It’s no secret that the opioid crisis has escalated into a national emergency, deeply affecting about 25% of Americans through personal or familial addiction struggles. I personally know of too many people who have lost their lives due to this, and I’ll bet you do as well.

The staggering death toll, with over 110,000 Americans lost to fentanyl overdoses in 2023 alone, spotlights the critical need for a radical shift in strategy. The financial backbone of this epidemic, fueling Mexican cartels with billions from the drug trade, underscores the magnitude of the challenge at hand.

Rethinking Strategy: The Role of the US Military

Given our military’s unparalleled capabilities and strategic versatility, it is a beacon of hope in this dire situation. Past endeavors to curb the flow of fentanyl, in partnership with Mexico, have fallen short, highlighting the necessity for the US military to step into a central role. This strategy would involve a multifaceted approach, from securing key maritime routes that funnel precursor chemicals from China to employing precision strikes against cartel operations. It’s going to take a massive global effort. 

Use of Special Operations Forces

I’ve found that many Americans don’t realize the role that American special operations forces have played in counter-narcotic missions over the years. We have been involved in direct action missions involving raiding drug production facilities, disrupting transportation networks, and capturing or eliminating key figures within drug trafficking organizations. These high-stakes operations were designed to directly dismantle parts of the drug trade infrastructure. And it worked a little, for a while. Somehow, the cartels seem to keep bouncing back stronger than ever.