Iranian state TV reportedly showed a video clip of “Hezbollah snipers” in Lebanon taking out ISIS fighters on their state TV and their official website. However, the video has been identified as a clip taken from the popular video game “Medal of Honor.”

Did they not think anyone would notice or call them out on the fake video?

According to France24, Iranian state TV ran some major headlines praising the fake video.

The Iranian media was awash with titles like “Hezbollah sniper kills Daesh combatants”, “Hezbollah sniper hunts down Daesh brutes” and “Six Daesh combatants are killed in 2 minutes by a Hezbollah sniper”. The website of the state television service was amongst those who shared the video.

Mizan News, a press agency close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, even added extra information to their coverage: they alleged that the Hezbollah commandos were using the Arash, a 20-calibre anti-material rifle made in Iran.

The France24 article also points out the pretty obvious video game symbols.

But something about this video doesn’t seem right. That’s because the footage is actually from the video game Medal of Honor. Several details show this.

First of all, when this imaginary commando kills a supposed IS group terrorist, a little symbol pops up in the bottom of the screen. It’s exactly the same symbol that appears in Medal of Honor when a gamer shoots his enemy in the head (“a headshot”).