I cannot help but think as I watch the latest Hillary Clinton private email-server-related scandal unfold, that this whole confounding scenario sounds like an episode of the HBO show “Veep.” Week after week, we watch as fictional President Selina Meyer (played hilariously by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), surrounded by buffoonish and imbecilic advisers, struggles to accomplish even the simplest policy or legislation-related tasks, given that she is constantly handling one ineptitude-caused crisis after another, mostly the fault of her and her staff’s own actions.

I do not, necessarily, mean to suggest that Clinton is a Selina Meyer-type, or that her advisors are idiots or inept buffoons, but in this particular case, they made a series of very poor choices that have shown them to be, at the very least, foolishly dismissive of the rules and protocols that govern the behavior of most government officials.

By her own account, Mrs. Clinton operated a private email server out of her home while she was the serving secretary of state. That would have been fine, if not a tad conspiracy-minded, had she not also used that private email server to send official emails concerning State Department business, to all manner of advisors and other officials. Yikes.

That was a poor choice, and someone around her should have told her so. Some smart, astute, and savvy advisor should have said, “Madame Secretary, you are opening yourself up to a host of problems by conducting your State Department business over your own email account, not the least of which, it is against State Department policy.”