What are the consequences of leaking any operator’s name on this classified operation? They are many and they are severe.  Fatwas or a direct hit, SOFREP has heard unconfirmed reports that at least one Middle Eastern terror group has put a hit out on the author.  There’s also a threat chain to consider in this case, we’re aware that several media outlets have found his last known residence and this could potentially compromise an entire neighborhood.

I’d advise the Penguin Editor of “No Easy Day” to start looking over his shoulder…what’s that fellas name again? Fox News…?


Arabic to English translation:

The picture for this article is one of navy SEALS where they attacked bin ladens bedroom on may 2, 2010 in abotta bot, Pakistan. He was shot with 2 bullets and maybe the person in the picture shot him and in a few days we might find out of it was him.

The person in the picture’s name is Matt Bissonette. He is 36 years old from Alaska and he was an important figure in the navy seal chain of command which he retired after the infamous attack to bin laden. Matt Bissonette could potentially be author mark Owen of “No Easy Day.” but he is using a fictitious name. The book will be released around the anniversary of September 11. The book has all the details of the attack on the bin laden compound of how he was killed on the third floor of his bedroom in front of his wife and daughter. Nobody knows about the real author of “No Easy Day”, only a few people from the Penguin publishing house publisher plus some of the navy seal participants and an American journalist Kevin morar (co-author of “no easy day”). All the profits of the book will go to the families of those of the Navy SEALs whom have passed and to some non-profit organizations.

The last sentence of the article states this “god kill him as soon as possible”. referring to the SEAL Operator.