Has anyone else picked up on how every movie portrayal of Special Operations personnel that they always got our guys wearing a kafiya?  You know those local neck scarves that they sell in the souk but people don’t actually wear that often in the Middle East?  The look has become so ubiquitous that I’ve even seen hipsters in Brooklyn wearing the classic black and white checkered kafiya made famous by Yasser Arafat, not that any of these kids would know who that is.

I’m not sure why Hollywood producers think we all wear kafiyas when we get overseas.  As if we are weighed down in all our go-to-war gear but then for a splash of indigenous culture we rock a kafiya around our neck.  One of the funnier instances of mandatory operator kafiya was in the recent Netflix film called Spectral.  It was a good movie, but the Delta Force team in it is conducting operations in Eastern Europe and yet several of them are still sporting their kafiyas.

Delta gonna run some barely legal ops south of the border?  Don’t worry bro, mandatory operator kafiya has got your back.  In Sicario a number of Delta operators are wearing kafiyas while on a mission in Mexico.  Why exactly?  We don’t know.