Details still coming.  Headline has the key points.  Prime Minister Cameron cuts overseas meeting short to return home stated there are strong indications the attack was terror related.  Victim was not wearing a uniform but “Help for Heroes” T-shirt.  Muslim Council of Britain immediately condemned the attack.

My heart, as I’m sure most SOFREP reader’s hearts, reach out to the family.  One can’t help but notice the huge differences in the quick British government and Muslim community reaction to this barbaric attack.

MAJ Hasan’s Ft. Hood attack, which killed 14, has been characterized as “workplace violence,” and followed what the military called a “random act” when a jihadist murdered a military recruiter in Arkansas in 2009.

So many issues and thoughts here…

Besides my sadness for the family, and physical revulsion over the attack, I can’t help but notice the different and quick response by the British government. There’s little vacillation over using the “T” word.  It’s important to contrast the reactions, because how can you fight a threat if you won’t recognize it?  I applaud the British PM’s early and serious reaction to the incident, as well as the Muslim community for distancing itself from those who are trying to hijack their religion.

Another important message to take from this attack is that the terrorists’ message is based on a false premise.  They’ve been quoted as stating their attack is payback for Muslims dying daily, and an eye for an eye.  Some will be fooled by this message, believing a unilateral withdrawal will stop these attacks. No. Radical Islamists were attacking the West way before SOF started to call in airstrikes on their homelands, and the reason they’ve devolved to cultivating home grown terrorists is because of the effectiveness of operations overseas and interdicting their efforts to attack us directly.  If Islamists really want peace they can start by abandoning their ideology of forcing their form of totalitarianism on others.

I can’t help but wonder how does one protect yourself from this barbarism? (Note, the murderers who hung around for what is reported to be TWENTY minutes were stopped by a guy with a gun)

I guess some will argue not to wear a shirt which might incite violence.