Former Israeli Talpiot Program member Elad Walach and his company Aidoc are doing tremendous things in medical research.

I am deeply passionate about Aidoc’s work and had the great pleasure of an interview with Mr. Walach. Having had missed anomalies and misdiagnosed brain injuries, Aidoc’s technology could have significantly identified and helped in my recovery process.

All citizens are required to serve their country in Israel in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for a minimum of two years after graduating high school. You can also apply to the Talpiot Program. It’s exceptionally competitive: Thousands apply each year but only some 20-50 are selected to join the program. Elad was one of those chosen after a very long selection process. The commitment is for 10 years.

After serving in the Talpiot Program, the Co-Founder and CEO of Aidoc, Elad Walach, started a radiology AI startup focused on using deep learning to relieve the bottleneck in medical image diagnosis. Mr. Walach is an expert in AI with visionary business insights in the healthcare space.