The American political process is in shambles, and the impact on U.S. foreign policy has been catastrophic.

Some readers will say to me, “Brandon, why are you writing about politics, stick to what you know best.”

To answer this back…

I care about where America is heading. It feels like during this election year we are just rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic as it slowly sinks beneath the freezing water.

As a former Navy SEAL, I’ve seen firsthand how erratic and confusing strategies not only compromise our objectives in war but also endanger the lives of American warfighters and destabilize entire regions. Take your pick, Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger, Libya, Somalia and the hits go on like a Taylor Swift album.

The consequences of these flawed American policies, run by the fools in DC, have been felt around the world.

The Iraq Debacle: Igniting a Powder Keg

The second Iraq campaign is a prime example of political mismanagement leading to disastrous foreign policy. The war was sold to the American public on the premise of weapons of mass destruction and a supposed link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda.

Once the regime was toppled, the lack of a coherent post-war strategy created a vacuum that allowed extremist groups like ISIS to flourish. This destabilization spilled over into Syria, fueling a brutal civil war and generating a massive refugee crisis that rippled across the EU.