Yes, I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid.

I still recollect some of my most incredible memories playing D&D with the harbor Dungeon Master (I grew up on a boat) named, Ned, and the other salty harbor kids. What a world, and an escape for me and my Stand By Me-like gang of harbor kids.

What can D&D teach us about 2020?

Let us all travel back in time to 2013 and look at what happened when gameplay goes bad.

A band of adventurers was tired and low on health after battling a gang of Orcs in the southern jungles. They tried to find refuge by entering an abandoned troll city. Yet, danger awaited them there as they ran into the menacing winged serpent, Hakkar the Blood God.

The adventurers would soon realize they were no match for the massive winged beast and his sorceries. Hakar cast a spell on several of the group and they soon became infected with an incurable disease called Corrupted Blood. Some panicked and teleported away taking the infection with them to far-off lands. Others simply ran. Yet others died on the spot.

This band of adventurers was patient zero. From them, the disease started spreading throughout the world. Some tried to prevent the spread while others scampered to remote locations and hid.

Others took advantage of the situation to purposely travel to enemy lands and infected them.