Russia Will Invade Ukraine as China Invades Taiwan

You’ve probably seen the pundits on TV News networks selling a China-Russia Doomsday Scenario that goes something like this:  Russia and Communist China see the Biden administration as unpopular at home, rudderless in its foreign policy, and confused as to the role of the U.S. in the world.  Seeing opportunity there, Russia and the Chicoms will coordinate a joint attack where Russia will invade Ukraine annexing it entirely as the communists embark on a full-scale amphibious and airborne invasion of Taiwan.

The United States, facing a war on two fronts and lacking the political will and solid leadership in the White House will do nothing to interfere.  Russia will be able to restore a significant part of its previous holdings when it was the empire of the USSR and Communist China will at long last regain what it regards as a rebellious province that has remained separated for going on eighty years.

We are told that the White House and Pentagon are both deathly afraid of this happening saying that in this scenario, the U.S. will lose not one, but both wars at the same time.

While it probably gets eyeballs on screens to make these kinds of prognostications of doom and failure, we should also ask how likely is it that this Doomsday Scenario would actually play out.  In my estimation, it’s not very likely.