Today’s mainstream news media is less good journalism and more about “news entertainment.” Put up a sensational headline and then don’t back it up with any meaningful content. Then there’s the self-proclaimed experts of the world like CNN’s Bergen. He throws out a lot of fancy jargon, and colors about Special Ops but really doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to the community.

Peter, DEVGRU is all caps…

So when I here the Bergen’s of the world, and see headlines like “Navy SEALs Fail on Raid!” and there’s no meat to the story I get sick. I can’t help but ponder how bad reporting is getting worse not better.

Mainstream Media News Is Failing America, Not SEAL Team 6

“The operation could have opposite its intended result of discouraging further attacks. Analysts warn that even earlier successful targeted strikes against Al Shabab, a Somalia-based Islamist militant group, failed to curb the group’s capacity to carry out international terror attacks, and that failed missions could in fact bolster its support and recruitment.”-Mike Pflanz reporting for the Christian Science Monitor

The only thing bolstering Al Shabaab is headlines like this one. America should remember that SOCOM Operators conduct hundreds of successful missions like these each month, and in the worst of places imaginable.  Al Shabaab, as a group, is scared shitless right now. They know that when you land on JSOC’s target deck, and the US Spec Ops machine spools up, and comes knocking in the middle of the night, that’s when martyrs start piling up in big numbers. And while I’ve raised some concerns recently about US SOCOM getting too big and clunky, the warriors of this community are some of the fiercest and most highly trained death dealers the world has even seen, period.

So can we expect to see an end to bad journalism, and the pretty people on TV who can’t find Syria on a map?  For the love of God and little eight-pound baby Jesus, I sure hope so. Maybe Americans will wake up one day soon and call bullshit on the news spinsters, because it’s the mainstream news media that is failing America, not SEAL Team 6.