It has been said that a lie travels around the world before the truth can get its pants on.  Sadly, that adage has never been more apparent than during this election cycle.  Mercifully over, it produced two deeply flawed Presidential candidates whose respective relationships with the truth were casual at best.  In a normal world, an objective mainstream media (MSM) would have called them to account when they invariably misspoke, and the American people would have been better informed about the character, temperament, competency, and leadership of both.

Instead, we were treated to a press that mostly acted as a propaganda ministry for the left, the pervasiveness of their bias revealed by hacked emails and documents made public.  Ironically, by glossing over Hillary Clinton’s serious scandals, they had zero standing when they reported on Donald Trump’s more numerous, but arguably less harmful, gaffes.  The “fair and balanced” alternative to the MSM, however, is not without fault.  Perhaps for ratings, perhaps for fear of hurting the GOP candidate, they went full cheerleader on the right.  In the name of shilling for “their” preferred candidates, all of them threw off even the veneer of objectivity, flooding the daily news cycle with fluff pieces supporting one candidate and takedowns of the opponent.

Unfortunately, journalism has long since been replaced with “infotainment,” where opinionated pundits produce more jokes than facts and consumers walk away with the illusion that they are informed on important issues.  The death knell for the media’s credibility came on election night.  In true “Dewey Defeats Truman” fashion, flapping heads on every network predicted a Clinton win.  Such was not the case.

What has emerged is a thoroughly discredited fourth estate with a favorability rating somewhere between catching a venereal disease and getting hit in the face with a tack hammer.  More Americans than ever before are now aware of the inherent bias of the media; the far left certainly “felt the Bern” of the MSM colluding with a Democratic establishment to put their thumb on the scale for Clinton.  The anti-Trump Republicans saw Fox News Channel follow suit.