Hello Underground. Here’s an easy way to change your display name on on the Forums and Shoutbox brought to you by SOFREP Dev. It makes no sense to me as a Webmaster because you don’t change it in your account settings, but it works, so who am I to argue.

1. Login to Team Room and go to the Forums.

2. Select ‘Profile’ from the top-right of the Forums.

Edit Your Profile

3. Select ‘Edit Profile’ from the leftside button menus.

Edit Your Profile

4. Change your ‘Display Name’ and click the ‘Update Profile’ button.

Change your displayname

And that’s it. This won’t change how the name was displayed historically, but moving forward you’ll be a little more stealthy.

– Charlie



(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS: A U.S. Marine with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment,3rd Marine Division, patrols during a portion of the river reconnaissance lane training at Exercise Khaan Quest in Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia, August 6, 2013. Khaan Quest is an annual multinational exercise sponsored by the U.S. and Mongolia, and it is designed to strengthen the capabilities of U.S., Mongolian and other nations’ forces in international peace support operations. U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Sgt John M. Ewald/released)