Being able to escape handcuffs can be a valuable skill for multiple reasons, the primary one being escaping illegal detainment. Whether traveling abroad as a private citizen or conducting clandestine operations as an elite operative, getting out of a bad situation should be made easier through the pursuit of specialized skills. Getting out of handcuffs is actually a fairly easy task compared to lock picking and other similar problems. There are specialized tools available but for demonstration and practicality purposes, I will be using a run of the mill bobby pin.

First of all, you should be able to access the bobby pin from a cuffed position; If you can, I recommend slipping the cuffs to the front of you because it makes the whole task a lot easier if you can see what you are doing. Keep in mind there are a variety of handcuff designs out there, but I will try to cover the fundamentals while demonstrating on a pair of Peerless Model 700s. There are two options available when using a bobby pin to escape handcuffs, pick the lock or shim past the teeth. Both have their limitations but I find that shimming them is not only faster but often easier to accomplish (especially when your hands are behind your back).