The Wagner Group has led Russia’s covert operations in Africa for the past decade. Successfully propping up several juntas, the mercenaries have unvetted access to several strategic African nations that now fund the group’s operations through natural resources.

The partnership with Wagner with the African juntas now faces uncertainty after a decapitation strike against the organization’s leadership has effectively crippled the mercenaries. Now wanting to consolidate power against any potential rivals, the Kremlin looks to excerpt its influence across all Russia’s overseas activities.

The Strike on Wagner’s Leadership

Initially promising exile to Wagner’s leaders, it appeared Vladimir Putin went back on his agreement with the group and had Yevgeny Prigozhin and his deputies assassinated. Prigozhin’s assassination sent shockwaves worldwide, but all signs have pointed to an FSB-orchestrated liquidation, as Putin is known never to forgive or forget any slights.