The Army is expected to make some final changes to how they’ll grade the new physical training (PT) test. Having been stuck with the same three-event PT test since 1980, the Army spent six years developing a new six-event test that better measures muscular strength, endurance, power, pliability, coordination, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and reaction time. This new PT test will be given to all soldiers, regardless of age or gender.

Starting this fall, soldiers will begin taking what is to be known as the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), but they’ll have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with it, as the Army has stated they won’t begin using it as the standard until October 2020. 

For the past eight months, the Army has been testing the new ACFT with Reserve and National Guard soldiers. They’re finishing compiling their data and are already coming out with some tweaks in the grading system.

In an interview with, Michael McGurk, the director of research for the Center for Initial Military Training, said the newest standards will be released this fall. He said the standards are right about where they need to be. “There will be some very minor adjustments,” he said. “We will look at where we set the initial levels and determine, based on the results of the field test, ‘Hey, did we aim too high, or too low, or about right?'”