At least four powerful blasts hit a military base in Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, causing 20 deaths and injuring more than 600. Military buildings were destroyed and parts of civilian neighborhoods were obliterated, according to state television TVGE.

TVGE channel broadcast footage of wrecked and burning buildings at the Nkoa Ntoma military base in the economic capital of Bata, with people, including children being pulled from the rubble.

Following the early afternoon blasts, television footage showed flattened buildings and thick black smoke, and large numbers of wounded people laying on hospital floors. The health ministry posted on Twitter that medical personnel were treating people at the scene but feared that the death total may rise as there are still people missing.

“Health emergency in the Mondong Nkuantoma neighborhood of Bata following heavy explosions at the military barracks located in Bata. It is believed that there are dead and many who have disappeared under the rubble,” the ministry added.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema said in a released statement that the explosions were caused by the negligence of a military unit “in charge of storing explosives, dynamite, and ammunition at the Nkoa Ntoma military camp.”