The Middle East is a beautiful place if you’re kicking back on a beach in Duba U.A.E. Not so much elsewhere these days.

Marib, Yemen
Marib, Yemen

Marib, Yemen is a haven for radical Islamics, says one of SOFREP’s DIA sources. “It’s also likely home to the new surgeon Al Qaeda has recruited to continue its quest to implant explosives into the bellies of women and children.”

We’ve known about human bombs for some time, but it still bothers me to think that one group of people can hate another group of people so much that they will go to these lengths.

Now add innocent children to the recipe of hate by surgically implanting bombs in their bellies and you’ve gone too far in my book.

Just remember this story next time you’re bitching about that fancy human scan machine L3 has at an airport near you.

I hope this new AQ surgeon gets tagged, tracked by the CIA and sent to Allah real soon via drone strike. It’s how the last surgeon they had likely went away.

This should also be proof that we have a serious problem on our hands that doesn’t end with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

The radical Islamic movement has been under way for some time now, and it’s deeply rooted into the cultural fabric of most Islamic countries unfortunately.  Children schooled by radical Mullah’s are taught to hate from an early age and this is a problem (also a root cause).