(Editorial cartoon courtesy of SOFREP’s own Robert L. Lang, Master Cartoonist, created specially for this essay)

The Japanese (and other particulars) are mad, folks, boy are they mad. They are oh, ever-so mad, and in fact took to playing the race card over the white devil-race of America, who chose Asia as their sounding rod, their Rosetta stone for their newly discovered nuclear arsenal. Yes, the western heathens dropped not one but two nukes on the peaceful idyllic cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I’m comfortably sure that playing the race card meant jack squat to any governing faction during the second World War, so the Japanese waited for decades to try to play it. Why? Beats the dog crap out of me. Was it sympathy, restoration, reparations? Perhaps they should go ask the Chinese in Nanking how that is supposed to work.

The notion has come up time and again among the international peace-nic USA-bashing community of zealot nations, that America made a racist decision to test its nuclear weapons on the yellow man in the pacific theater, vice dropping the nuke on Caucasian Berlin in the Atlantic theater. That, a fact-less expostulation built on a wet sand foundation. I could eat a box of Alphabets and crap a better hypothesis.

The Japanese have a very strong case there, and if by ‘strong’ I mean ‘weak or practically non-existent’ then, ok sure, a strong case; feel the POWAH! Enter the case of the bombing of the German city Dresden. That is a deliberate case of Caucasians pounding the B-Jesus out of Caucasians for no military or strategic reason whatsoever. Dresden was home to countless priceless artifacts and monuments to architecture, but nothing an armada of RAF Avro Lancasters and Curtiss LeMay’s 8th USAAF Flying Forts couldn’t handle, nossirree!

The rage I feel over the destruction of Dresden is as real as the rage I feel over the loss of U.S. sons on Peleliu Pelao in the South Pacific, Hamburger Hill in Vietnam, Heartbreak Ridge in Korea, and every trench charge by the Anzacs on Gallipoli, Turkey… just really didn’t need to happen; they were just a means to no end.

Dresden was arguably one of the greatest horrific tragedies of the entire war, and there were a great many to choose from. Yes friends, the atrocities competition during that Word War was fierce. The military tactical gains from the destruction of cities like Dresden and Hiroshima were paltry at best. The strategic value proved to be remarkable at least.

The decision to hit Japanese cities with nuclear weapons was part of a deliberate strategic plan to hasten the end of the war with that country, specifically eliminating the necessity to invade Japan. That, in exchange of an estimated 1,000,000 casualties in a protracted land invasion campaign. You see, sometimes you have to kill a few people, in order to save a lot of people. In order to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.