The death toll is currently at 407 and counting following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Iran near the Iraqi border on Sunday.  There have been 13 deaths reported in Iraq and Kurdish territory as well.

Rescuers continue to dig through the rubble in the Western provinces of Iran, particularly in Kermanshah, where the earthquake is said to have caused the most damage.  As the death toll continues to mount, more than 6,600 additional Iranians have been reported to be injured.

Sarpol-e Zahab county within the Kermanshah province appears to have gotten the worst of it, with more than 300 of the 407 deaths reported thus far coming from the community some ten miles from the Iraqi border.  Heavy damage was caused to houses and buildings that Iranian state television reports are built primarily out of earthen bricks.  As rescuers scramble to dig survivors out of the rubble, many of those who are not trapped or injured are still faced with the loss of their homes and businesses.

Some positive news has emerged from Sarpol-e Zahab, however, as Iranian media reports say one woman and her baby were recently pulled out of the rubble alive and unharmed.  The region, which is home to some 85,000 people, is said to have suffered significant infrastructure damage, with many buildings completely collapsing during and since the quake.