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The New York Times did a story a few days ago about fighting the drug war in Honduras and applying lessons learned in Iraq.  The War on Drugs is such a joke to me. It amazes me that we can (yes “we” are responsible as citizens) can put the U.S. Warfighter in harms way, handcuff them before an arm wrestling match. If you want to know what I’m talking about all you have to do is read the quote from the Times story below.

Quote from The New York Times Article: Lessons of Iraq Help U.S. Fight a Drug War in Honduras

“American troops here cannot fire except in self-defense, and they are barred from responding with force even if Honduran or Drug Enforcement Administration agents are in danger. Within these prohibitions, the military marshals personnel, helicopters, surveillance airplanes and logistical support that Honduras and even the State Department and D.E.A. cannot.”