The following is part two of a two-part Red Team exercise on a hypothetical, multi-pronged ISIS attack on the Midwest—in Kansas City, Missouri. You can read part one here.

H-Day, H-Hour

Assailant #1, flying in a tourist charter helicopter over Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, attacks and kills the helicopter’s pilot while the helicopter flies over the Plaza during evening hours. Assailant #1 uses a cheap, basic pocket knife he carries in the pocket of his pants to cut the pilot’s throat. This causes the pilot to lose control of the helicopter, which then crashes into a crowd on the sidewalk in front of the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in the plaza. The crash kills 12 on the ground, as well as the pilot and Assailant #1.

Assailant #7, armed with a semi-automatic shotgun, and Assailants #8 and #9, both armed with AR-15s, shoot their way into a west-side entrance of the Sprint Center, in the Power & Light District, where a professional wrestling event is taking place in front of 15,000 fans.  Before they enter the building, the three assailants place one of their explosive devices at the entrance/exit, with a timer set for five minutes. They then throw two more explosive devices into the crowd as they enter. The two thrown explosive devices detonate after their 15-second timers expire. The three assailants open fire on the crowd, and are engaged within 90 seconds by on-scene, uniformed law enforcement officers. There are no armed civilians in the arena.

Assailant #4, armed with a semi-automatic shotgun, along with Assailants #5 and #6, both armed with AR-15 rifles, enter the Crown Center shopping mall and begin to shoot victims inside the facility. The three assailants set their explosive devices outside three separate exits before entering, all of which explode after their two-minute timers expire. The explosions kill 11 people, all of whom are fleeing the gunfire inside Crown Center.