Marine veteran Stephen McMenamin and his wife, Hanna McMenamin posted images of multiple elderly veterans waiting several hours at the Durham VA hospital and their Facebook post has gone viral over the weekend. The elderly veterans featured in the images and video were visibly in pain, either neglectfully waiting hours in their wheelchairs or lying on the ground. After posting the images, the VA reached out to the couple asking them to remove the images due to patient privacy and HIPPA violations, but did not address the care the veterans received.

It was very upsetting,” Stephen McMenamin said. He and his wife said they saw a handful of older veterans mistreated and ignored during the seven hours they were at the hospital, including an aged-veteran in a wheelchair.

“He had been sitting there for quite some time groaning and convulsing in pain,” McMenamin said. “Almost to the point of where he was falling out of his wheelchair.”

“He was visibly in pain,” said Hanna. “And I think the thing with that that disturbed me so much was that there were people just sitting there acting like nothing was happening and he was sitting right in front of them and they were not even acknowledging that it was happening.”

McMenamin says he and other patients asked if there was anything staff at the hospital could do to make the man more comfortable and were repeatedly told no.- ABC News 11

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