No more beards and cool-guy patches: Disciplining of SEAL Teams begins

The Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) has issued the first set of corrective measures aimed at dealing once and for all with the plague of disciplinary, ethics, and professionalism incidents in the SEAL Teams.

A “typical” day in the life of a Delta Operator

A typical day in Delta is an atypical day anywhere else. Therefore, we may say that “a typical day in Delta is a typically atypical day.” As I recall my reveille was somewhere between zero-dark and zero-dark-thirty (-ish). I pull myself into my kitchen where I had assembled a coffee preparation sequence the night before with only the slightest movements remaining to initiate the cook (economy of motion).

Sh!t Navy SEALs say

It’s pretty safe to say that most Spec Ops/SOF guys have no inner monologue.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the road with the guys and some single Team Guy will say out loud “boy, I would really like to rip our waitress’s clothes off.” This would be alright if she wasn’t standing right there of course.  This lack of inner monologue only gets worse when you add beer to the mix. Enjoy.

K-9s against school shooters? A former Navy SEAL thinks so

After another series of tragic shootings dominated American headlines in recent weeks, Americans have been searching for and debating possible solutions with a renewed vigor. When it comes to law enforcement’s approach to mass shootings, most of the debate revolves around two distinct topics: how to prevent an active shooter situation, and then, how to stop an active shooter after prevention fails.

How to become a Navy SEAL sniper: A special breed

The cold morning air hung thick in the Afghan valley. Each warm exhale would briefly fog the outside corner of my riflescope as I waited and maintained a clear view of my target. I could make out a middle-aged man, in traditional Afghan dress, with a crook in his step, perhaps a wound and story from another conflict. Intense training in the elite US Navy SEAL Sniper course had taught me to be patient, wait for a perfect shot, control my breathing and then execute.

Home Defense: Why you should use an AR-15

Imagine this for a moment: It’s 4 AM and you’re resting quietly on your bed. Suddenly, you hear your door break open from a violent kick. You hear the muffled sounds of men on one mission: To kill you and take your valuables. What would you do in a situation like that?

Addicted to SEALs: Overdependence on SOF units is dangerous

It is an undeniable fact that since the twin towers went down on 9/11 the role of Special Operations Forces (SOF) has changed. The gradual change saw SOF shift from their traditional role of supporting conventional forces to that of being supported by conventional units. With increased frequency, conventional elements fulfil secondary tasks during operations – it’s crucial to emphasise that secondary doesn’t mean less dangerous or difficult; pulling security for Delta or being left behind to deal with the aftermath of a High-Value Target (HVT) raid can prove a most bloody affair.

The DEVGRU files: Dick Marcinko on the secret history of SEAL Team Six and Red Cell

Years ago we had a chance to sit down for an interview with Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko when he was in town for an event in New York City. For the first time in more than three years, this content is now free for your viewing pleasure. According to Dick, after leaving SEAL Team 6, he returned to the Pentagon to create “Red Cell.” He initially handpicked several former SEAL Team 6 operators who would be asked to think like the terrorists they had been fighting for over the past two years.

Pentagon releases names of two Special Forces operators killed in Afghanistan

The Department of Defence (DoD) released the names of the two Special Forces operators who were killed in action in Afghanistan on Wednesday, August 21. Master Sergeant Luis Deleon-Figueroa and Master Sergeant Jose Gonzalez were killed while conducting combat operations in the Faryab province of Afghanistan. According to a Pentagon statement, the two Special Forces operators were killed by small-arms fire. The DoD, however, is still investigating the case to determine if the incident was caused by enemy fighters or by Afghan allies.

Innocent until proven guilty: Will the Marines clean up their JAG Corps?

Following the decision of Admiral Bob Burke, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, to investigate the Navy Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps’  leadership and performance, the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Richard V. Spencer expanded the investigation to the Marine Corps’ JAG as well.