Today was the day that Deek would show up as Deeka for the first time.

He got to camp and checked in with the third phase chief instructor, Babcock.

Babcock looked like a lumberjack because he was one.

There’s not a lot of large men in the Teams, that’s a myth propagated by Hollywood. But “Big” Jake Babcock was an exception.

He grew up in Sandy, Oregon, and worked the family tree farm until he left high school. He then gave up a football scholarship to the Oregon Ducks to join the Navy.

“What the fuck, Deek? So this is for real?” said the chief.

“Yeah Big Jake, it’s been bottled up inside for a while and I just said fuck it.”

“You sure did, you fucker! You’ve got the head shed spun up tighter than a three-way in a Chinese brothel on this one. You’ve got stones of steel, I’ll give that to you. Me and the guys are hitting the Salty Crab after dinner, why don’t you settle in and join us in a few hours, you could probably use a drink. Plus, I don’t think you’ll have any issues but, it’d be a good way to smooth it over with the cadre. By morning it will all shake out.”