Following a savage clash in the Sino-Indian border, thousands of Chinese and Indian troops have been in a standoff within the Ladakh region, high within the Himalayas.

On June 6, the two countries reached an agreement to de-escalate by the mutual withdrawal of troops from the Galwan Valley. That agreement went dramatically wrong on June 15 when a melee clash, between the two countries, erupted. Indian army officials reported that 20 Indians died in the clash. China’s government and media have not provided casualty figures for Chinese troops, but unconfirmed Indian media reports indicated that 40 Chinese were killed.

An Indian Federal Minister stated that the two nuclear-armed countries remained over the weekend locked in a confrontation on the frontline.

The heightened tensions between the world’s two most populous countries have naturally drawn international concerns. The United Nations are urging both sides “to exercise maximum restraint.”