The Indian Army is looking at restructuring the selection process of its personnel volunteering for Special Forces and Airborne battalions. It is also aiming to expand their role in multiple operational theatres.

India, despite having large numbers of Special Forces units and troops, does not have a national strategy on how its SF troops should be employed. This impacts the force’s ultimate effectiveness and increases the possibility that the force is misused by the government.

In response to that, in 2012, a national security committee saw the need for a dedicated Special Operations Command, similar to USSOCOM; yet, this has still not come to fruition: The Selection and Assessment, as well as the training for the Indian Special Forces and airborne units, is not conducted at a centralized location nor does it have a standardized core of instruction. 

A proposal, from several high-ranking defense officials, recommends that the selection process become centralized and conducted from one location.