By now everyone is familiar with the massacre that took place in Norway on the 22nd of July last year. Anders Behring Breivik set off a bomb in Oslo that killed eight people, before descending upon the Worker’s Youth League camp on Utøya island. There he shot and killed an additional 69 young people while disguised as a police officer.

In the aftermath of his arrest, the inadequacies of the Norwegian “justice” system have become apparent. The maximum sentence that Breivik can be given is 21 years, although he can be held in detention after his sentence is served if he is deemed to be a continued threat to the public.

Better yet, during his imprisonment the government of Norway will go as far as to hire people to be his friends!

At SOFREP we always have to be careful about how we report information. Whenever possible we use multiple sources who are independent of each other. However, upon receiving some disturbing information about the Breivik killings in Norway we tried to double source the information but were met with stonewalling.