The following infographic is an excellent data visualization product created by the Navanti Group.  It was originally published in October of 2012, but is still a useful tool for anyone looking for a good visual representation of terrorist organizations, as designated by the Department of State’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list.  There will have been a few changes, but the features that the infographic highlights remain relevant.

Navanti’s Periodic Table of Terrorist Groups provides a visual representation of several data sets, to include: terrorist organizations and their abbreviations, their geographic location, approximate number of attacks, approximate organization size, status of their activity, and the age of the group.

As an intel guy, products such as these are an excellent source of information and pooled data.  Not only has the FTO list been published in a creative and aesthetically unique form, but it’s easy to read, relevant, and can be readily shared.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or be broken into a forty plus-slide PowerPoint to get the message across.  A good product is a happy customer, and Navanti’s data visualization team does good work.

Click on the image below for a closer look, and print off a copy or two for the office.  We’ve got a few around the section.

SOFREP is not affiliated with the Navanti Group in any way.  Their product has been shared due to its continued relevance to current ongoing US global counter-terrorism efforts.