Do you dance with words like a Delta Operator with a M4 carbine? Do you hold a pen like a stiletto, slashing through mediocrity and falsehoods with the finesse of a seasoned ballerina on crack? Can you ingest the world’s madness, distill it through the copper pot of your mind, and pour out intoxicating tales that make Putin’s wildest exploits seem like child’s play? If so, then buckle up, compadre. We want you on Team SOFREP.

Writing at a laptop
A typical SOFREP writer banging out a story. Sometimes there is no fire involved.

At SOFREP, we’re not just looking for writers; we’re recruiting ink-slinging warriors, fearless navigators of the treacherous, unpredictable seas of military news and entertainment. Those who can withstand the bitter cold of rejection and the savage storms of criticism and come out on the other side with a smirk and a stiff drink.

Toss your literary hand grenade over the wall here and include a writing sample, resume, and three references.

Brandon, Editor-in-Chief