Before pleading guilty to massive fraud, including lying about CIA credentials which he didn’t have, Wayne Simmons’ initial defense after being arrested by the Department of Justice was to claim that he could not be put on trial because of “national security.”  He was trying to tell the courts that all of the black operations lurking in his past could not be revealed in a public court house, thus how was he to prove that he was in fact a badass CIA super-spook?  The supporting document that he submitted to the courts has now become a matter of the public record.  What is inside is bat-shit crazy and really gives you an idea of how far down the rabbit hole Wayne’s dementia has gone.

As you read, keep in mind that all of this is insane fictitious drivel designed by Wayne to get his ass out of a sling at the 11th hour.

Operation Iranian Trust

Under the supervision of supposed CIA handler Terrance Hall, Wayne plots to break up a cell of Iranian intelligence agents at a titty bar in Washington, DC.  He also helped subvert a CIA officer who “went off the reservation.”

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Operation New England

Wayne runs cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in some weird supposed intelligence operation to sniff out a drug trafficking ring.  Oddly enough, all of Wayne’s claims of breaking up terrorist and drug trafficking rings often include him personally smuggling large quantities of drugs.  It is almost as if he is faking being a CIA agent as an excuse for being a drug dealer.  Could it be….naaayyyy.

Operation Kazakhstan