Last night, I headed over to my Army Ranger buddy T’s house to watch the premiere of National Geographic’s “Inside Combat Rescue,” featuring the PJs assigned to combat rescue at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Ranger T, knowing I was psyched to watch it, ordered pizza and beer. He even took it in stride when I stripped down to UDTs and assumed the front leaning rest position. Here are the notes I took:

Mission #1 kicks off when the men get called out for a VBIED in the middle of Kandahar city, with multiple other explosions. Two wounded. The helicopters find the one patch of bright green grass in Kandahar. One helo touches down, the other circles overhead.

Don’t miss the mustache painted on the nose of the birds, honoring the “Pedro” call sign. So I guess the nose-painting verdict is in: Hilarious Mexican mustaches: yes. Hilarious sexy chicks: no….

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